Cancer Research UK


Reports 247 Limited supports this charity.
Every year in September Reports 247 Limited supports the work of this charity. Here is an  extract from the website:


28 09 2013 is the day I turn 50.Instead of having a great party with my family and friends,  I feel the best way I can celebrate my  50th Birthday is to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.I hope our NHS continues to care for patients with cancer.  All new drugs and innovations will help all cancer victims in the UK and everywhere in the world. Cancer is a treacherous illness and destroys so many families mercilessly. As GPs, my wife and I see the havoc caused by cancer on a daily basis. Often we feel helpless seeing so many of our patients suffer in silence. It would be lovely if one day we can find cures for all forms of cancer.
We would like anyone who reads our website to visit Cancer Research UK and do whatever they can to help us find this deadly disease.
We take part in this night walk half marathon every year.