Information for Solicitors

At reports 247 Limited the team works incredibly hard to provide reports in a timely manner. We understand the need for providing high quality reports in a time manner with adequate depth and clarity. 


We are familiar with the Civil Procedure rules and our report will cover;

  • Accident circumstances
  • Past medical history
  • Injuries sustained
  • Present position of injuries and any resulting disability
  • Treatment received for injuries
  • Effect on work and social and domestic duties
  • Opinion and Prognosis stipulating time of recovery for each injury, including residual symptoms, percentage chances of a later deterioration or disease occurring that may be directly attributable to the accident and when this may occur, the effect of any pre-existing conditions quantified by acceleration and/or exacerbation, if the claimant will be left with any permanent symptoms.
  • Any injuries the claimant may be suffering from outside my area of expertise and as a consequence if the opinion of another expert should be sought
  • Future treatment recommended
  • Future capacity to work or study or follow a passion, as appropriate
  • if the report is an interim report with regard to further information required or a final report
  • whether a further review is required to finalise my prognosis and if so when
  • whether medical evidence from GP or Hospital records or any other medical evidence is required in order to prepare the prognosis adn stipulate recovery period.
  • Any references from literature that Dr Lakhani has used to arrive at his prognosis
Dr Lakhani has worked in the field of medico-legal medicine for over 10 years and keeps up to date with the literature in this evolving and ever changing field of Personal Injury. He is familiar with the Court System and has successfully completed the Witness Familiarisation (Criminal and Civil) Module including  Court Appearance Video Examination for the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate. He has experience of giving evidence in court as an expert witness during his work as a junior doctor at West Middlesex University Hospital.  He is familiar with the concept of single joint expert, role of mediation, Part 35 questions and Excellence in Written Evidence. He is an avid reader of claims magazine and is passionate about his work in medico-legal field as a GP Expert. He holds a position of Lead Clinician for the Elderly, Rheumatology and Psychology in his NHS Practice. He is a keen Educationist and a Reflectionist, and has developed skills in effective communication. 

Initial Offer: Your first 2 reports will be done free of charge.