Our Team

Our Team consists of:

  • Alpa Patel
  • Rekha Thaker
  • Vina Thakerar
  • Gemini Patel
  • Shajul Patel
  • Nita Halai
  • Vishali Halai
  • Darshini Halai
  • Davisha Halai
Alpa is the first point of contact for all medico-legal correspondence. Alpa can be contacted on 07917313339 between 11 am and 2 pm everyday. Alpa manages the diaries and the bookings. Alpa is responsible for managing the practice and the staff and is the first point of contact for all solicitors and MRO and for the claimants.
Alpa’s email address:
or  appointments@ reports247limited.co.uk
or   info@reports247limited.co.uk

Any account queries:

Please email Nita at reports247accounts@outlook.com
Our Accountant is:
Mr Stephen Adler at Shelley Stock Hutter LLP